MANIcure MonDAY: Fergie Nail Polish

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Last week, I went shopping for wrapping paper for my gift tag DIY project at Walgreen’s. I can’t go to a drug store without checking out the beauty section! I found this awesome nail polish from Fergie called Wet n Wild Fergie Nail Color New Years Kiss. I wore it first by itself and then I started layering it over other polishes. The glitter is very fine and there are some long pieces of glitter that give it a little oomph. The polish stayed on for a little over a week so I was really happy with the deal I got. The polish was $3.49!


Fergie-Nail-Polish, MANIcure MonDAY: Fergie Nail Polish

Picture Deets: Ring: H&M (similar in price and style); Bag: Vintage Gucci; Dress: Ann Taylor (last worn here); Nail Polish: Fergie

What do you think of the Fergie Nail Polish?

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