The Mother of All Baby Showers

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I attended The Mother of All Baby Showers a few weeks ago and had a blast checking out all the new brands and new goodies from the old brands. Cami is an infant, and I love finding good stuff that will help her learn and play. Also, I love finding ways to keep her safe that never occurred to me. Like the bumpers that go around the individual bars. They are called Wonder Bumpers! I am serious considering getting a set for Cami’s crib.

The Mother of All Baby Showers



There were so many fun tables to visit from mural and room builders, lactation consultants, cute baby clothes, and organic baby food. It really is the perfect place for a mom to be. There were a ton of new mommies and mommies to be there. I also really want the Baby K’Tan that is made out of mesh, It seems like it might be cooler than the carrier I have. I am always dying under mine. Might be the breast feeding or the fabric is just too hot. I stayed for the full demonstration, and it seems pretty cool.


I got to hang out with my mommy blogging friends of The Eyes of a Boy and Lindsay of You are the Roots. We had a blast hanging out, and testing everything together.


I also found out that The Mother of All Baby Showers had an awesome moderator for one of their panels. Her name is Tera Faso and she actually taught a few of my classes in high school. Back then, I was extremely interested in becoming a travel photographer and chose to join Travel & Tourism at Martin County. The program was founded by Tera Tedesco (now Faso). I have still have friendships that began in Travel & Tourism and have lasted over 15 years. AHHHH feeling old! It was great seeing Miss T, now Tera. She started Biz4moms, an organization helping out Mompreneurs. They have meetups monthly and will be having one next week.





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