Packing List for Ireland

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After spending 2 weeks in Ireland last year, I felt like I needed to write a packing list for Ireland. There are a lot of common misconceptions about the weather in Ireland and I want you to enjoy this amazing country without having to overpack when planning a trip to Ireland. The country is beautiful, filled with amazing people, and has temperate weather. Before traveling to Ireland, I was under the impression that the weather would be more like London, but I was happy to find out that I was wrong.

Packing List for Ireland


What to Wear in Ireland

  • 1 Pair of Black Knit Leggings

    • These are Knit Leggings from J.Jill are my favorite! They can easily go from day to night because they have a dressiness to them that most leggings don’t have. I wore them by day under tops and by night under dresses. They come in sizes for everyone regular, plus, petite, and tall!
  • 2 Pairs of Jeans

    • My favorite pairs of jeans for this Ireland Packing List are skinny jeans because they can easily be tucked into duck boots and layered underneath tops and travel dresses. Here is an awesome post I wrote about the Best Jeans for Hourglass Figure.
  • 2 Travel Dresses

    • My favorite travel dresses are from J.Jill too. The knit blended with stretch in most of the travel dresses from J.Jill. They pack really well so that you don’t need to iron or steam anything while you are away. I choose to bring printed dresses as they can get stained or dirty and no one will know. This is my favorite travel dress from traveling to Ireland is this one. It is still available, on sale, and it even has pockets! Get it here now before they sell out.
  • 6 Pairs of Underwear

  • 5 Travel Tops
    • I like to bring lots of tops that can be layered underneath a cardigan and a blanket scarf. I like long loose tunic tops that can cover my behind if I decide to wear travel leggings.
  • 3 Pairs of Socks

    • I packed 6 pairs wool socks, but wow that was a mistake! Like I said, the weather in Ireland is pretty mild due to the Gulf Stream. I wore the wool socks the first day and then stop wearing socks altogether after that. If you like socks with your shoes, feel free to bring regular socks.
  • 1 Rain Jacket
    • I tried on every rain jacket that I could find and found that this London Fog was the perfect one for packing for Ireland.
  • 1 Pair of Duck Boots

    • I packed 2 pairs of rain boots to Ireland with me, including short Hunter boots and duck boots. I highly recommend leaving the Hunter Boots at home because they are extremely heavy (weighing down your suitcase) and don’t have enough bend in the leg for comfort when hiking. Duck boots are ideal for packing for Ireland and walking on the countryside. These Women’s Sperry Top-Sider Saltwater Boots are my favorite because they are subtle and comfortable.
  • 1 Pair of Night Out Shoes

  • 1 Black Cardigan

1 Blanket Scarf or Sweater Poncho

Blanket scarves and sweater ponchos make it easy to layer over a dress or a top if it gets cooler suddenly. I like throwing a blanket poncho over a long tunic when the train stops and I want to peel off my rain jacket.



Toiletries are extremely personal because they are based on what you feel you need. All of the stuff that I have listed here on Ireland Packing List are things that I need when packing my toiletry bag. I wear contact lenses, have asthma, and allergies. These items might not apply to you. Ireland has everything we have the US so you could leave off some items if you don’t always need them. Check out my post on How to Pack Toiletries for Travel.

  • Shower Essentials 
    • Shampoo (purple & regular for me), conditioner, and castile soap.
  • Sink Essentials
    • Dry shampoo, Face Wash, Hair ties, hair brush, Wet Brush, Straightener, Hair Dryer.
    • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Floss.
  • Medicine Cabinet Bag 
    • Theraflu, allergy meds, headache meds, and Inhaler.
  • In Carrying Bag
    • Lotion, Bandaids, Hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer wipes, and tissues.
  • Contact/Glasses Wearer 
    • Contact solution, Contact case, Rewetting drops

Tech and Camera Equipment

  • Headphones and Charger
    • I have the beats that I use when I am on the plane, but I would not travel with them internationally again. They take up too much space and the wireless aspect of them actually prevented me from using them as much as I wanted to. I want a cheap pair that
  • Computer and Computer Charger
  • SD Card Reader & Extra SD Cards 
    • I like to get my SD offloaded every day just in case something happens to the SD Card.
  • Juice box and Juice box charging cable
    • My new phone has a great battery, but I still eat up battery all day. Most of the buses in Ireland have WiFi so you will be able to be on your phone while you travel.
  • Tablet and Tablet Charger
    • I like to use my tablets like a mini-streaming TV and reading device.
  • Adapter for Ireland Plug
  • Camera and Charger
    • I bring my Panasonic Lumix G7 when traveling because it is easy to carry around and takes great photos!
  • GoPro,  GoPro Charger, Mini SD and Adapter 
    • I did not have my GoPro until after my trip to Ireland, but now that I have one, I would definitely bring it with me.
  • Phone and phone charger

Organization, Bags, & the Best Packing Cubes

I love packing using travel cubes and organizing everything so that I can easily pack and unpack in a moment. This helps if you are moving from place to place while you are traveling around Ireland. As you can see from this post about the  Top 10 Restaurants in Ireland Ancient East, we traveled all over Ireland’s Ancient East staying at some amazing hotels in Ireland. Check out Hotel Minella – Clonmel Ireland, County Tipperary. These are the best packing cubes that I have seen and used. Learn more about the cubes here.

For suitcases, I really love my Calpack rose gold suitcase set. The Calpack suitcases come in rose gold, white, silver, and black. You can buy the carry on bag separately or as a pair with a version here.

My favorite bags for traveling around Ireland is my Gucci Disco Bag. It is a small easy to carry bag that also fits my mirrorless camera along with my phone.


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