What to Wear to a Polo Match

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This year for the second time, I attended a Polo Match at the International Polo Club in Wellington, Florida. It is always fun time if you are wearing the right outfit! Today, I would love to discuss what to wear to a polo match.

Going to polo matches is something that I would like to do more than just annually. I would eventually love to go to all the polo matches during the polo season.

International Polo Club Florida -186

What to Wear to a Polo Match

Lilly Pulitzer Polo Match Outfit

Pretty much anything Lilly Pulitzer will be perfect for a Polo Match Outfit. Here is

What to wear to a Polo Match-1210525Guide on How to Wear Lilly Pulitzer Prints. Pair your polo match outfit with wedges or flats so that you can partake in the stomping of the divots ritual during halftime. Also, you can add a hat or fascinator to accessorize your polo match attire the way the English do! Fascinators can be purchased quickly and at the last minute if necessary from Amazon. I’ve also seen them in places like Burlington and Nordstrom Rack. It might be worth a phone call to see if your local stores have any before driving all over town looking for one. I’ve found the best way to get them is on Amazon. This is the one I am wearing in the photo. It’s a comb that slides into your hair and comes in so many different colors!

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What to wear to a Polo Match

Pretty Woman Polo Match Outfit

The next look that I love is what I call the pretty woman polo look. Pretty Woman was the first time I can remember hearing about Polo and could never forget Julia Roberts looking fantastic in her polo dot dress and a giant hat. Polo dots are one of my favorite prints right above stripes and leopard. Going to a polo match is the perfect time to break out your polka dot dresses. I would recommend that the dresses be A-line, maxi, shift or full. Mini or tight dresses don’t make sense for Polo. You want to be comfortable and classy like the Royals. Tight and short don’t scream comfort and class to me.




Here are some more Polo match outfits that are must see!!

What to wear to a Polo Match

Polo Match Outfits Polo Match Attire What to wear to a Polo Match

Also, I had to share that you can bring your dogs too!! Look at this sweet cavalier!!

Dogs at Polo Match

What Polo Match Outfit style are you going to wear to the next match you attend?

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  1. RED FLAG:

    You are NOT supposed to wear hats to polo! It isn’t the races!
    The British DO NOT wear fancy hats to polo! You’d look like a fool.


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