How to Wear Lilly Pulitzer

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If you love the colorful Lilly Pulitzer Print, here is a great guide on how to wear Lilly Pulitzer.

How to Wear Lilly Pulitzer

I have been a fan of her prints for as long as I can remember and even wore a Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress to my rehearsal dinner. To me, nothing say the good life like a Lilly Print!

Boots & Vests

Since we are in the midst of the winter season, we have to show you how to wear these spring and summer prints in the cold. Even though, I am not a huge fan of cold weather, it sometimes happens and Lilly fans need to be ready!

The best way to look great in Lilly is to invest in neutral boots and vests. Lilly has some puffer vests, but I already picked a navy print one up from Land’s End earlier this year. Also, tan look awesome with these prints. My sister recently asked me “what does that color (tan) match?” The answer is prints, and specifically it looks fabulous with Lilly Prints.


Marlowe Boatneck T-Shirt Dress // Similar Shearling Vest // Similar Boots 

Lilly Pulitzer Pants

Lilly Pulitzer Pants // Faux Fur Vest from Forever 21 // Karen Walker Sunglasses // similar Kate Spade Bag //

White Jeans

The most classic way to wear a Lilly Pulitzer top is with white jeans. White jeans are the perfect Palm Beach choice especially when paired with a classic Lilly print. These jeans are from Paige Denim from Nordstrom Rack.

I’m soooo spoiled with both a Nordstrom and Nordstrom extreme close to me in Boca Raton. You can go all Lilly by picking up a pair of white jeans from her as well.

Lilly Pulitzer Trunk Show -3157

Sarasota Pintuck Tunic // Paige Jeans // Sandals // Similar Sunglasses

Photo by: Kevin Erhard

Palazzo pants

Lilly Palazzo pants signal extreme comfort and confidence. Most women usually fear bold prints at the bottom, but these pants are made of such amazing material that you don’t need to fret! I am currently wearing a size 12 and felt like a million buck in this pant!

I chose a navy boat neck from Ann Taylor to balance the extreme print. Lilly shows it with a thin strap lavender tank that would look lovely under a navy blazer, but on its own it is just too skimpy for me. If you can go braless or feel comfortable and confident in a strapless, go for it girl!


Photo by: Kevin Erhard

Lilly Pulitzer Night Swimming-

Camille Top // Catwalk Pants

Lilly Pulitzer Treasure

Odette Tunic // Catwalk Pants


As a mom, leggings on my friend as they allow me to get down on the floor with daughter in comfort. I embraced the comfort with metallic sandals and a cross body. This Lilly top says I am a fashionable Mommy hear Me roar!

Lilly Pulitzer Trunk Show -0475

Sarasota Tunic // Similar Stretch Pants // Tory Burch Sunglasses // Sandals

Photo by: Brooke Strange Photography // Location: Boca Children’s Museum

Match your Daughter

It might be a little bit cheesy, but it makes me so happy so I could give a crap! I love matching my daughter and will continue to do it until she makes me stop (hopefully never!).

Lilly makes baby, toddler, and girl clothing that makes me smile and wish I had an endless supply of money to buy every piece and a matching one for myself! I held back and only chose to match my top to her pants. Here are more Lilly Pulitzer Mommy and Me Outfits to check out!

lilly pulitzer matching mother daughter-0543

Location: Boca Children’s Museum


Photo from Delray Fashion Week  by Matt Sturgess
Fishing for Compliments Halter // Fishing for Compliments Morgan Dress // Girls Mini Popover

Here’s an awesome secret for matching obsessed mommies! Buy a maxi dress and have hemmed to the proper length. Ask you seamstress to save the extra fabric to create a bow or bow tie. If he or she is crafty, they might do it for you. 

Lilly Pulitzer Trunk Show -0486

Lilly Pulitzer Trunk Show -0487


Lilly Printed Dress

Lilly dresses are beyond comfortable and look fabulous with metallic accessories. If you aren’t a heel gal, you can rock this with gold flat sandals or these easy to wear wedges. You cannot go wrong wearing Lilly with Pearls and a cute clutch that cork one.

Lilly Pulitzer Cattitude--2



On my last trip to Lilly Pulitzer, I had to restrain myself from buying this v-neck dress. If you want to add more definition to your waist, grab this one size fits all straw stretch belt. Seriously, I’ve worn it from a size 2 to 12. Here I am wear the belt at a size 2!

Lilly Pulitzer Woven Belt

Old Hollywood Sunglasses

If the prints are not for you, you can grab a pair of old Hollywood sunglasses. I have these in white and black. They make me feel like I am on vacation every time that I wear them.


Photo by: Sahily Perez // Location: Mizner Park, Boca Raton


Photo by: Kevin Erhard // Location: Hillsboro Shores 

Classic Jewelry

Pick up a cute bamboo bangle that is both classic and iconically Lilly Pulitzer at the same time. The quality is amazing. I’ve worn mine consistently for the past 5 years.


This gold cuff makes this outfit awesome! I would wear it all the time! It really makes a statement, but would go with my entire gold jewelry collection.


Maxi Dress

If you don’t want to spend time matching top and bottom, you can pick up an awesome maxi skirt.

Lilly Pulitzer Maxi Dress- Lilly Pulitzer Rehersal Dinner-

Lilly Pulitzer Maxi Trunk Show

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  1. I am a big fan of the Lilly Pulitzer fashion line and remember her ready to wear line from the early ’80’s and was ecstatic to see the brand name revived in the 90’s and still going in the present. Loved each of your fashion photos and the Mother-Daughter picture is beyond adorable! A future fashionista in the making!

  2. Love the dresses. I also like where Mommy top matches the daughters pants, so cute! I would not be brave enough to wear the flower pants.

  3. I love the way you use color and prints to wear these bright fashion statements. I have trouble with prints and now have a better understanding of how to pull it off. Thanks for opening my eyes to new fashion looks (from a basic black girl).

  4. I love the Sloan printed Maxi, and the printed top. I see how wonderful the top looks with the white slacks, love it! Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Hi. Just wondering if you can tell me the size the woman is wearing in the catwalk shift. Just trying to get an idea on sizing for this dress. Thanks!


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