Reebok CloudRide DMX – Comfort for all That Time on My Feet

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Reebook CloudRide DMX shoes keep my feet comfortable when I’m on the go. That’s key for me, because I’m ALWAYS on the go. I have a daughter, a dog, a blog, a husband, and I like to spend time with my friends, as well. Like I said. ON THE GO. With Reebok CloudRide DMX shoes, I can keep my feet comfy when I’m on them, which is all the time.

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reebok-cloud-16-of-24My Poor Feet

My poor feet are no strangers to walking. A lot of walking. As a blogger, I’m always out looking for great shots of everything from nature shots to awesome photo angles for style shots and pretty shot for sponsored posts. As a mom, I want to give my daughter as much attention as I can, so in addition to my photo excursions, which she usually attends, I’m also taking her to the park or just a walk outside. I also take her on all my shopping trips, whether it’s for an outfit for a blog event or for Tuesday dinner.

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I am like every other mom in the country. I am ALWAYS on my feet and on the go. So yeah, my poor feet. And your poor feet, too! They really take a beating if you stop to think about everything we put them through in a day. But that’s okay. That’s the price we all pay for having a full life. BUT. If I can lessen that strain on my feet while I’m walking the footpath of life, I’m going to do it.

How Reebok CloudRide DMX Shoes Help My Feet

So I want to keep doing everything I do, but I want my feet to stay comfy, as well. So what is a girl to do? Well, I’ve been wearing Reebok CloudRide DMX shoes, and they are awesome. My feet have been exceptionally happy since I started wearing these shoes. They use the patented moving air technology that’s been popular in Reebok’s other DMX shoes. it’s also designed for walking, with a lightweight, flexible sole of encapsulated air the gives me all day comfort. Most shoes only use foam. AND here’s something for to make you feel better about trying these bad boys. Reebok CloudRide DMX shoes come with a money back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return them via the Reebok DMX page within 30 days.

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Reebok CloudRide DMX – Making the Walk of Life More Comfortable

Reebok CloudRide DMX shoes have made life so much better for me. In the past, my feet would be sore and achy after a long day of doing EVERYTHING I do in a day. But now, after a long day of walking all over the place – and I mean all over the place – my feet are nice and comfy. And why wouldn’t they be? I’ve been walking on a cloud all day!


Check out Reebok CloudRide DMX shoes at select Famous Footwear stores (check with your local retailer) and online at They come in black and white, and it’s safe to order them online, because they run true to size. WOOT! Check them out. Your feet will thank you.

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