How to Spend a Weekend Exploring Orlando

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Orlando is an ideal destination to spend a fun weekend with friends or family. This central Florida city was designed with tourism in mind, and there are many unforgettable fun things to do, regardless of your age or hobbies.

The beautiful beaches, distinct wildness and friendly residents all contribute to Orlando being the best spot to relax and enjoy the fun of your life. No worries on how to get there: Orlando is very well connected, also thanks to its massive international airport, the third biggest airport in the USA

Below are some top things to do while spending time in Orlando.

Relax on The Beach

Many great beaches are 90 minutes away from Orlando, which surprises first-time visitors who don’t equate Orlando with a day at the beach.

You can go to the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean in about 2 hours, where there are plenty of places to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Soaking in the Florida sun while lounging on the beach or strolling down the boardwalk are both excellent alternatives to the activities and amusements available in Orlando.

Beautiful Cocoa Beach, approximately an hour’s drive from Orlando, is the perfect place to enjoy the sand and surf. Your day at the beach will be even more enjoyable since Lori Wilson Park provides free parking, bathrooms, outdoor showers and other facilities.

Visit Disney Springs

Disney Springs has a lot to offer, including some of the top attractions and venues in the whole Central Florida region. Check out my Disney Springs shopping guide.

The Walt Disney World Resort in central Florida is home to four of the most popular theme parks in the world, and no vacation to the area would be complete without spending at least a few days there.

Since you could spend weeks exploring all there is to see and do at Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, purchasing a multi-day ticket can be an investment that is well worth making.

Visit any of the Disney parks in this area, and you’ll get the opportunity to take part in one-of-a-kind rides with a specific theme, see some of your favorite characters and indulge in some amazing foods.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Disney’s Yacht Club Resort are just a few of the fantastic locations you can stay near the Disney World parks that are well worth your time.

Admire Art in Lake Nona Sculpture Garden

The Lake Nona Sculpture Garden, designed for exploration and discovery, has a notable collection of pieces from The Lewis Collection, one of the world’s biggest private art menageries.

The Sculpture Garden includes four sculptures by JEFRË — Faith, Empowerment, Time and Passion, which were previously on display at the Orlando Museum of Art — but that isn’t the only lure for art enthusiasts. 

Mother Nature also contributes artwork here. After entering the Sculpture Garden, you’ll be taken on a relaxing trip through a canopy of approximately 300 hand-selected palm trees, which include six different species and are placed in waves of foliage to mimic the contours.

The garden comes to life when the sun goes down with multi-coloured lighting components and night-blooming flowers.


Gatorland Orlando is one of Florida’s oldest and most popular attractions. This place can also be a great alternative to Orlando’s major Disney world and the crowds.

Gatorland, conveniently situated halfway between Orlando and Kissimmee, is a vast 110-acre park and wildlife reserve home to over 2,000 American gators and provides fun and education for the whole family in beautiful natural settings. In addition to alligators, the park is home to snakes, crocodiles, wild cats, exotic birds and animals, and tortoises.

Explore Lake Eola Park

Lake Eola Park, located in the middle of downtown Orlando, offers breathtaking views of the city’s skyline and is an excellent location to observe live swans and other birds in action.

Renting paddleboats in the form of swans is a popular activity among visitors since they provide a picturesque ride and enable guests to have a closer look at the magnificent fountain located in the lake’s center.

You can go for a walk to view the flowerbeds, watch your children play or see a performance at the on-site Walt Disney Amphitheater after you are through riding around the pond. Lake Eola Park is a hidden treasure for residents and visitors since it regularly holds events such as a farmer’s market on Sundays and occasional festivals.

Hiking in The Tibet-Butler Preserve

This wildlife refuge has a trail system that offers easy hikes across several vital ecosystems. This trail system is excellent for families searching for a respite from the crowd in the tranquilly of nature.

Whether you see any animals along the routes or hear their sounds, visitors remark that the gorgeous setting in Tibet-Butler Preserve makes it a great free attraction in Orlando. Visitors with children enjoy the trails, as they are simple enough for a toddler to follow you.

The on-site nature center provides a variety of activities and attractions for children, including educational displays, a butterfly garden, a tortoise sanctuary, a picnic area and a sandbox. Before you go out, you should inspect the route’s state to ensure there won’t be any obstacles caused by water.


In Orlando, you never know where the night will lead you. The vibrant nightlife includes live music, slick bars, high-energy dance clubs, side-splitting comedy and other alternatives.

No matter where you stay in Orlando, you’ll be near a busy, walkable entertainment zone with diverse and varied nightlife spots.

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