10+ BEST Hourglass Figure Tops

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Today we are showing the best hourglass figure tops. Here are the best necklines for an hourglass figure.

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BEST Tops for an Hourglass Shape

VNeck Tops

One of the best tops for an hourglass figure is actually the V neck top. It opens up the neckline and kind of elongate your neck.

When you’re wearing things like a high neck top, like this high neck bodysuit is not like the best choice for an hourglass figure because it kind of closes up the area. It makes your boobs and your chest look larger than they are with the high neck top.

With a V-neck top, it balances you out and makes you look thinner. This is is subtle Vneck top that creates some space in your neck area, but is conservative and is great for an office look.

Wrap Tops

Another grouping of tops that work really well on an hourglass figure are wrap tops. They acts like a V neck tops, but can be even more flattering.

I actually upcycled this from a dress and it’s kind of a wrapped up peplum which is very nice. I would definitely wear this to work. It’s super flattering. This is me trying to make it myself and I think as I do it more I’ll get better at it.

My goal was to turn all of my tops into rap tops because it’s just such an awesome look for an hourglass figure.

I made this one from scratch with fabric using a pattern. I really like that you can easily it can be super low cut or you can wear it and make it so that it’s kind of like high cut. It depending on how you’re feeling and how much cleavage you want to show you can make a choice when you’re purchasing wrap tops to go super low or you can go pretty high like I am here like I’m showing no cleavage here.

Button Down Tops

A great choice for a hourglass woman is a button down. But, the thing about button downs and especially if you have a big chest is that you need to have the button down tailored to deal so that it fits your perfectly.

You can do this by buying a larger size that fits your bust and then have it tailored down so that it pinches into the waist area. This is especially vital for an hourglass figure so that the button down does not make you look larger than you are.

Also, tucking in the button down can really makes a difference because it brings the eye into the waist area. You could do a partial tuck or a full tuck with these tops into a high waisted bottom that hits right at your smallest part.

Cowl Neck Tops

Belted Tops

Another awesome top is actually a belted top for an hourglass figure. You want to looks for tops that belt at exactly at the smallest part of your waist.

This top is from Dia & Co. I have a few of them, but they are not the perfect choice in my opinion. They are good enough for work tops under blazers, but not something that I would wear alone.

The neckline is a little bit high for me and the drop sleeve does nothing for me. I might alter them with my sewing machine so that the sleeve hits exactly at my shoulders.

Scoop Neck Tops

Another great top choice is the scoop neck top. Similar to the V-neck and wrap tops, the scoop neck opens up your chest area and gives you like more space. The open neckline gives you a subtle point that points down into your waist area.

The softness works with the hourglass figure as well. The soft scoop goes with your natural curves. There are no really harsh lines here. It smooths and soften curves which is basically what happens with an hourglass figure.

Off the Shoulder Tops

A great top for an hourglass shaped woman is an off the shoulder top. It only really works for an hourglass figure if make sure that the bottom portion of the top is hugging your body or that you tuck a blousy top into a high waisted bottom.

If you wear something that is off the shoulder and then kind of bags out at the bottom, your waist will be lost under the fabric.

When you’re an hourglass figure, you always have to accentuate your waist. With the top below, you are definitely accentuating the waist because it is shirred and then has a mini ruffle peplum at the bottom.

Grab this top from Amazon The Drop here. It is available in XXS to 5X and in tons of colors.

When you have a flowy top that swims over your waist, you can do a full tuck or a partial tuck of the front of the top into high waisted jeans. That way it’s covering your bottom, but you’re bringing in the eye into the waist area.

Sweetheart Tops

The sweetheart neckline is the next one that works well for an hourglass figure. It’s really awesome because it opens up the chest area to the softness of the neckline.

This top is actually like a deconstructed top where I used patchwork to make a top that suits me the best. I added longer sleeves and a peplum bottom.

Halter Top

Another great top for an hourglass shape is actually a halter top. A halter top works on an hourglass figure because they break up the chest area. You can choose a peplum one to hide a stomach or a cropped one with high waisted bottoms to accentuate your waist.

The only thing is that you have to actually wear a good bra with it. Here I’m just wearing a regular bra and I feel like I should be wearing a strapless bra.

I’m definitely going to do a bra hack video on how to halter tops in the near future.

Extra Tips for Choosing the BEST Hourglass Figure Tops

3/4 Sleeves

You can make a top look even better by choosing a top with 3/4 sleeves because the sleeve length actually helps bring the eye to the waist. Look for cropped sleeve lengths that hit where you waist is when they are down.

You can try the 3/4 sleeve concept out by rolling up long sleeves to this length or altering you sleeves to the preferred length.

Peplum Top

When Choosing a top, look for a peplum if you have a little extra belly that you want to hide under your smaller waist. This works for hourglass women that have a lower belly from age, genetics, or giving birth. No matter when you belly came from it is up to you if you want to hide it or let it show. You do you!

You can even make a standard pencil skirt look better with an awesome peplum top like I did with this peplum and pencil skirt outfit.

Tuck in Your Skirts

By tucking in your shirts, you’re actually calling attention to your smallest part which is your waist area. What happens is these tops when you bring them out like that you end up with like calling attention to like the largest part of the body because it’s sitting at your hips.

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