Tips For Staying Mindful and De-stressing

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My distractions are pretty limitless as are my stressors. I thought when leaving my law firm job that I would be completely free from stress and live a much better life. I feel like I do live a better life, but stress still comes. I find that I put stress on myself when there is no need to do so. I have been seeking out ways to push aside the stress that I place on myself.

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I have been taking the time to spend on myself and enjoying things at the moment more. I was always stressing while I was getting my hair and nails done worrying about deadlines and what I should be doing instead. I find that when I appreciate the pampering of getting my hair and nails done that I feel better overall. It seems essential, but appreciating and focusing on the moment is a huge leap forward for me.Spire (2 of 3)

In the search for ways to stay calm and de-stress, I discovered Spire. The Spire Mindfulness + Activity Tracker allows you to track you calm, stress and focused moments by monitoring your breathing. Spire knew when you are relaxed, stressed and focused based on your breathing. This allows you to see what it was causing you to stress. You might think that your triggers are apparent and obvious, but it’s not always easy to understand.

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The Spire app not only tracks you breathes, but it also has some audio calming meditation. I used the focus meditation before writing this to help me avoid distractions. It worked because the words have been pouring out of me without many diversions from my normal distractions. Social media usually pulls me in, and I lose my train of thought. It is good to be focused on the topic at hand.
You can find Spire on Amazon or the Apple Store! Besides being extremely helpful de-stressing me, it’s also cool to look at. The tracker is a rock shape that is soft against your skin, and the changer is so cool looking! It would make a cool gift too!

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