Taking Care of Cuts & Scrapes 

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My daughter is always getting cuts and scrapes on her legs. She runs around and climbs all over the place and inevitably gets a cut and scrape on her legs. I started putting her in pants to prevent the injuries, but I came to realize that practice is just unrealistic. It is especially impossible in the summer and at school because it is so hot here in Florida.

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My daughter inevitably scrapes up her knee and legs. You can only protect your kids from so much. The other day, she was picking up speed and took a spill on to the paved walkway. I wanted to jump to stop her from falling, but I could not make it there in time. I immediately came to her aid to help her up and soothe her crying.Cuts and Scrapes Care (3 of 7)-2 Cuts and Scrapes Care (5 of 7)-2 Cuts and Scrapes Care (4 of 7)-2

First, you rinse off the cut or scrape.

Second, I spray first aid spray on to the cut or scrape.

Next, I use the triple antibiotic cream to fight off infection.

Then, once the bleeding stops, I cover the wound with a bandage that is the right size for the injury.

I have all these items and many more in my first aid kit that I made a few weeks ago. Check out the kit HERE.

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