Top 10 Things to Do on Liberty of the Seas

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Top 10 Things to Do on Liberty of the Seas

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I recently went on an awesome vacation aboard Royal Caribbean‘s Liberty of the Seas. It was awesome! I picked out a 10 of my favorite activities aboard the Liberty of the Seas. Check out the YouTube video so you can see the fun in action! Also, if you need some help packing for a cruise, check out my post here.

Top 10 Things to Do on Liberty of the Seas

1. Take a Cupcake Making Class

We had a blast making up extraordinary cupcakes at the Cupcake Cupboard. Some of the girls made doggies and my class made huge hamburgers cupcakes. It seems so difficult, but the instructor made it easy! Everyone made an awesome cupcake, even me, a baking novice!

2. Walk for Wishes

Walk for Wishes is a fundraiser that Royal Caribbean hosts each sailing on every ship in the fleet to raise money for Make-A-Wish®. Guests donate $10 and receive a free t-shirt which they wear while they walk a mile at sea to show support for Make-A-Wish. All the proceeds are donated to Make-A-Wish to help grant wishes for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. I have been involved with the Walk for Wishes partnership from the start back in early 2009 when it took off like a rocket and has been a great success ever since! On average Allure of the Seas raises enough money in 3 weeks to grant one wish which costs $5,000.

3. Go Rock Climbing

It was awesome rock climbing on the 3rd largest cruise ship in the world. I can say that I rock climbed in the Atlantic Ocean. How cool?! There are different walls for different level. I did beginner, but if you are speed climber, then there are walls for you too.

Rock Climbing on Liberty of the Seas Cruise #seastheday_-3

Rock Climbing on Liberty of the Seas Cruise #seastheday_-2

Rock Climbing on Liberty of the Seas Cruise #seastheday_

Rock Climbing on Liberty of the Seas Cruise #seastheday_-4

Rock Climbing on Liberty of the Seas Cruise #seastheday_-5

4. Try the FlowRider® surf simulator

You can catch a wave right onboard the Liberty of the Sea cruise ship. You can either try it with a standup board or on a boogie board, which is what I did. It was such a rush and so much fun!

Surf Similator Flow Rider Liberty of the Seas Cruise #seastheday_-3

Surf Similator Flow Rider Liberty of the Seas Cruise #seastheday_

What to wear on a cruise_-4

5. Treat yourself to spa treatment

This is a vacation and you take yours to the next level by treating yourself to a spa day or at least 1/2 day. Massage sounds good to me! You can also win a spa treatment if you go to listen to them talk about the treatments. My friend Dawn won!

6. Let the kids play with kids

If you are bring the kiddies on board, there are tons of things for them to do including play areas for 3 different age groups. There is a day care and also a toy lending service that is free! You can also use a baby sitter after hours.

Kids on Liberty of the Seas Cruise #seastheday_-3

Kids on Liberty of the Seas Cruise #seastheday_

7. Go to a show

The shows were awesome and there are so many to choose from. I went to an Ice Show, Saturday Night Fever and acrobatic show. Some of the other girls on the trip went to Love and Marriage and other funny one and loved it. Royal Caribbean really does a great job with their entertainment. Really…everything!

8. Workout

I did not workout, but I know some people like to stay on track when they are vacation. The gym is huge and has awesome views. You can still enjoy the view while lifting weights and running on the treadmill.

9. Appreciate the view

The views are awesome from the balcony in the rooms and all the top of the ship. My faves were looking off the back of the boat where the Surf Similator is and also the top deck. It is incredibly romantic at sunset and I was missing my hubby a ton!


The View from  Liberty of the Seas Cruise #seastheday_

Cozumel Mexico Liberty of the Seas Royal Caribbean  Cruise #seastheday_

10. Relax in the Adults Only Pool & Hot Tub

There are so many awesome pools on the Liberty of the Seas, but the coolest to me is the adults only which has 1 pool with a bar in it and 2 huge hot tubs that hang off the side with awesome views of the ocean.  The middle pool has a ton of entertainment. You can play Bingo, watch a movie, watch the contests or partake in them.


What to pack for a caribbean cruise-4


You can find out more about the Liberty of the Seas on the Royal Caribbean website.  There is so much more to do on the cruise! The food is awesome and included in the cruise ticket. The staterooms are huge! Find a cruise near you are start the fun!

Which activity are you most excited about trying?

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  1. Mind if i ask what your kids wore to the formal dinner night? Or did they eat elsewhere? We are going this summer, and I don’t know what to pack for my boys. Thanks!


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