Transform your Hair From Frizz to Fabulous in Just a Few Minutes

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For the last few weeks, I have been using the Glider Brush Combo Pack that you can find at by HSI Professional. It is the best way that I have found to keep my hair frizz free! All the products in the combo have been working together to make my hair look lovely. 

Transform your Hair From Frizz to Fabulous in Just a Few MinutesThe Total Package Value is $250.00, and you get all these goodies: 

  • Glider Straightening Brush
  • Heat Mat
  • Heat Glove
  • Thermal Spray
  • Glider Flat Iron

Here are few of my favorite things about the Glider Brush combo:

  • The HeatBalance Infrared Technology targets the cuticle by locking in moisture. 
  • There are 4 MicroSensors regulate the heat so that its evenly distributed meaning you requiring fewer passes for fuller coverage.
  • On both the Glider Brush and the Straightening Iron, there are Temperature Controls (350-450oF) to suit your particular hair type. I need to use under 400 because of my color damage.
  • For travel gals like me, both devices have Dual voltage (110/220v). You can go anywhere in the world and take the Glider Brush with you!!
  • If you are a forgetful mom like me, there are Auto Shutoff Safety Mode on both hair styling tools.


Please check out the Glider Brush review video where I show you how I used the Hair Styling Tools and the Hair Care products that came in the Glider Brush Combo Pack! 

Ever wonder how to try out grey hair for a week to see if you would like it? Check out the picture of the week I had grey hair.


Sharing is caring!

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