Unicorn Valentines Cards – FREE Printables

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These magical unicorn Valentine’s Day cards are gender-neutral and will stand out from the others your child hands out this year.

Unicorn-Themed Valentine’s Day

Does your child love everything unicorn? There are so many ways to incorporate unicorns into literally every single holiday.

Valentine’s Day is already a magical holiday full of the sparkle of love and kindness. That’s why it is so easy to use unicorns in all your Valentine’s Day decor and cards.

Unicorns are magical creatures that spread sparkles and happiness wherever they go. So when you use them in Valentine’s Day cards, you are also spreading laughter and smiles.

What to Give With Unicorn Valentine’s Day Cards

These printable unicorn cards are cute enough that you can just print them and let your child hand them out last second. Which is quite a relief on those busy weeks when you forgot to buy stuff for your child to hand out at the Valentine’s Day party.

If you do have time to prepare, here are some ideas of treats you can hand out with the unicorn cards.

1.) Unicorn Poop

The first idea is to give “unicorn poop” treats with the cards. Fill a bag with Skittles and label it unicorn droppings. They are the color of the rainbow! And, even better, Skittles are allergy-friendly.

2.) Magical Popcorn

Another idea that is also allergy-friendly is create magical popcorn and hand them out in small baggies.

What is magical popcorn? It’s popcorn mixed with chocolate, white chocolate, and pink and white chocolate candies like M&Ms.

You could also make Unicorn Rice Crispy Treats or Unicorn Swirl Bark.

3.) Swirled Unicorn Horn Lollipops

This next idea is actually super popular. Buy some swirled lollipops that resemble unicorn horns. Most of these lollipops are multicolored – like a rainbow, so they fit perfectly with the theme.

These unicorn pretzel wands are a way to make Unicorn Horns at home.

4.) Cotton Candy Clouds

Get some pink, blue, and purple cotton candy and put a little bit of each color in small bags. The cotton candy looks like magical clouds that a unicorn – actually an alicorn – would fly over.

5.) Heart Gummies

Make these yummy and healthy heart gummies made with collagen that helps with skin and healing. Kick boo boos to the curb with this heart gummy recipe.

6.) Pink Dipped Oreos

The final idea is to hand out chocolate-dipped Oreos. You can decorate them pink and white, or even with rainbow-themed to match the unicorn cards.

The best thing about handing out dipped Oreos is that you can personalize them and your child can actually participate in making some of the treats.

DOWNLOAD Free Printable Unicorn Valentine’s Day Cards



Here are the free printable Unicorn Valentine’s Day cards for you. Print them and save them to your Pinterest board so you can have them for next year too.


Cutting Printables

My favorite way to cut free printables like this one is with the Fiksar SureCut Portable Paper Trimmer!

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