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With my first anniversary around the corner, I decided to break out some photos from my wedding. As a fashionista, I was obsession with the fashion details more than anything else. I purchased an endless supply of shoes to go with my wedding dress and ended up wearing 3 pairs on the big day. Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton had multiple dresses, but I loved my dress so much that I did not want it to have any competition.


My rings were custom made to look like the Solitaire 1895 Cartier without the label’s normal price tag. I love the classic look and searched high and low to find another ring that did not have to be custom made, but I could not find anything that was my style. I wanted the ring to be classic for a lifetime as I plan to wear it forย  the rest of my life.

My husband’s ring was tough to find as well. I wanted something classic that was the right size for his finger. I bought 2 online and finally found one that I liked at a local jewelry store. He loves and so do I!


I purchased my earrings and necklace for the big day from Swarovski. The name of the pendant and earrings are the Megan Crystal Moonlight Pendant and matching Megan pierced earrings. The set was perfect for the wedding and adds glamor to any look that I wear it with. I need to wear it more often, but to me it is so special that I leave it for special occasions.ย  Swarovski is a great choice for wedding jewelry and has so many option that you will be wearing long after the big day.



I went a little nuts here! I bought myself a Louis Vuitton tiara! I saw it on Kate Moss on the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Runway and could not stop thinking about it. I called Louis Vuitton at the Boca Town Center and ordered this master piece of luxury! I do not think anyone at the wedding knew it was Louis Vuitton, but I did not buy it for them! I bought it for me!

I almost sold the Louis Vuitton tiara, but I could not do it! I will wear it again…I promise you!


I used my wedding as an excuse to buy these Valentino Bow flip flops. Since the wedding, I have worn them non-stop and they were truly worth every penny. I am probably at $5.00 per wear at this point. If I can get it down to $1.00 per pair, I will feel awesome. I wore them here with shorts, here on my honeymoon, here with neon, here to dinner, here with breeze linen dress, and many more times when I was not being photographed.


These fabulous shoes are by Donna Karen and were one of many purchased for my wedding day. I chose to wear these and stop purchasing shoes when Camille T. Russler owner of Ever After Miami convinced me that they were the most fabulous and that I must wear these. Here is Camille’s Instagram photo of the choices I brought in for my fist fitting. They really are fabulous and I am so glad she gave me her advice. She is so fabulous and stylish that I had to take her advice!


I chose simple white roses with lots of green for my bouquet. I wanted classic over trendy. There are so many beautiful flowers, but for me these were perfect!



Photos by Katie Lopez Photography

What is your favorite wedding detail?

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  1. There’s just so much ‘wow’ in this post! Love the stylish shoes and it’s a great idea to use Swarovski jewelry.

  2. I love the Swavroski necklace! So beautiful! I think it’s okay to indulge when it comes to your wedding! Everything you chose is lovely!


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