What to Wear to SOBEWFF

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What to Wear to SOBEWFF by Miami Fashion Blogger, April Golightly

A few weeks ago, I attended my first SOBEWFF on South Beach, Miami. I had been wanting to go for years, but somehow always forgot about it until it was too late to get tickets. Don’t let this happen to you! This year, one of the sponsors, Buick invited me to attend as media. I got to check out some awesome Buick cars and then had the time of my life trying tons of food and get the details about my experience here.

What to Wear to SOBEWFF

Since this was my first time attending SOBEWFF, I searched around the internet looking for ideas on what to wear and could not find anything helpful. I decided to put together a helpful guide so that other first time attendees would not make the same mistake as I did. The fabric in my outfit was much too heavy for a day on the South Beach in  the SOBEWFF Tasting Tent.

What-to-Wear-to-SOBEWFF MiamiSunglasses and breathable fabrics like cotton are Must Wear for SOBEWFF. It is far too hot to wear fabrics that do not breathe. I would also recommend comfortable flat sandals. You are going to be walking a lot. Also, a hat is a great idea.

I saw a ton of women wearing maxi dresses. This a great option as long as you can wear flats with it and the fabric should be cotton.


What to Wear to SOBEWFF-19This bright yellow is the perfect way to stand out in a crowd and be comfortable. The black maxi is something almost every women has in in their closet. You can make it extra special with a statement necklace that is light weight. Definitely try it on and make sure it is not pulling at your neck. This foodie decided to choose a strapless maxi. Strapless is awesome option if you do not need a bra. I always need a bra so no strapless for me. Since it is so warm outside, if you can go strapless in comfort, why not go for it!

What to Wear to SOBEWFF-18

What to Wear to SOBEWFF-17

This outfit is super cute, but I think that I would have ended up ripping that vest off after an hour of walking around. The hat is awesome and gives added protection from the powerful Florida sun.


What to Wear to SOBEWFF-16

I love the casualness of these ladies outfits. They are ready for a fun day at the Festival.



What to Wear to SOBEWFF-14



What to Wear to SOBEWFF-13

What to Wear to SOBEWFF-11Shorts are a great choice for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. My favorite length for those of us without a thigh gap is 5 inches. The one that I have found that fit women with thighs are from J.Crew and Lilly Pulitzer. They give enough space for your legs to breathe. Lilly prints are especially really goo for these types of events because the print was meant to hide stains. You will be eating and probably drinking a lot … stains are expected.

What to Wear to SOBEWFF-10

This is another favorite of mine. She looks so cool in black and white with the blue aviators. I want a pair of those aviators now! (Side Note: I got a pair and wear them constantly!!)

What to Wear to SOBEWFF-6

These girls look awesome and if you are going to wear heels, I would recommend following their lead with Tan Wedge Sandals with a back strap. No non-wedge heels allowed as you will fall or sink in the sand. You are walking on sand after all.

What to Wear to SOBEWFF-7Check out this guy with the backwards hat and the Go Pro strapped to the top of it. As you can see even the guys are wearing baseball hats and fedora hats.

Which SOBEWFF Outfit is your fave?

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  1. I went to the very FANCY BubbleQ event for my husband’s 30th bday when I was pregnant with my firstborn. It was like $350/ticket, but totally worth it. And I wore a beautiful dress (that unfortunately my cat scratched up after). I should really see if I can get it fixed because it was probably my favorite dress ever!


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