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I arrived at Bloomingdale’s in Town Center Boca Raton a little early for my interview of Rebecca Minkoff. The home furniture department was filled with stylish students that revealed themselves as fashion students from Lynn University from their amazing questions and teachers that knew them all personally.
Rebecca Minkoff Lynn University
They asked about Ms. Minkoff’s wedding dress. She skipped the Ruffles and the big deal dress for a simple white dress made by Dolce & Gabbana. The top was a boned corset and the bottom was white eyelet. It was a very cool choice that shows off her love for simplify and design!
The also inquired about her success and where she came from. From her story, she started with nothing and just got into the business because her brother knew a designer in New York. She skipped college and went straight to work in the fashion industry. After 3 years of working for this designer, she started her own line with bags that she was trying to sell on her own. This was around 9/11 when disaster hit New York. She just happened to have sent a ‘I love New York’ shirt to Jenna Elfman on 9/9. When Jenna wore the top on TV after 9/11 and said that it was designed by Rebecca Minkoff, this boosted her business in a big way! She started donating all the proceeds of the sale of the shirt to the Red Cross to help out.
After the Lynn student discussion was over, I met for a group interview with my friend and local blogger, Modern Boca Mom. We talked like a moms that hang out! I have met several designers over the years and have to tell you that I have not been in impressed by their interpersonal skills. Social skills don’t always come with success. Rebecca Minkoff is down to earth and very personable. I would totally hang out with her!
Rebecca Minkoff Interview
Rebecca Minkoff is a successful fashion designer and mom! She has 2 kids – Luca is 4 and Bowie is 1.  We talked about she juggles both those responsibilities. If she works a lot on week, she take a day off or spends extra time the next week. If she travels for more than 5 days she takes a ‘human’ with her and alternated between her husband and kids.

Rebecca has made a commitment to support a rising generation of female leaders in technology and engineering. She wants to help create opportunities for women in technology, and connect women around the world to opportunities to learn and lead through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and careers.

April Golightly

You can see Rebecca Minoff’s commitment to technology in her new wearable tech line. I reviewed her Notification Bracelet on April Golightly.

Rebecca Minkoff Tech Wearable

I have also picked out some of my favorite items from her new collection. I have the studded wedges and of course the notification bracelet. I am dying over the rest of the items!

Rebecca Minkoff Star Backpack

Rebecca Minkoff Star Printed Backpack

Rebecca Minkoff Love Clutch

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love Clutch (On Sale HERE)

Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Top

Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Top

Rebecca Minkoff Black and White Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Love Color Block Woven Crossbody

Rebecca Minkoff Tassels

Here are some more goodies that are on my wish list and some like those studded platforms are in my closet. Last year, her nude flat studded sandals were sold out everywhere. The silver one are new and I am sure they will be as hot as the ones last season.

Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2015

Graffiti Tote | Bonjour Lover | Gold Sandals (preorder HERE) | Silver Studded Sandals (preorder HERE) | Feather Ring (comes in gold too) | Notification Bracelet | Tassel Fob | Feather Earrings | Tassel Bag | Fringe Universal Cell Phone Bag | Cell Phone Case Cross Body | Graffiti Print Cross Body | Studded Platform Sandals (On Sale HERE)

To learn more about Rebecca Minkoff and her new collection, head to Bloomingdale’s at Town Center at Boca Raton or visit

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