10 Disney Nails Art & Designs

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My daughter and I are obsessed with Disney and going to Disney World. These Disney nails are art and design from our many trips to Disney world and dressing up from movie viewings and interviews with the cast of some of the movies. 

Disney Nails art and designs





These Disney Nails are all made in collaboration with my tech, Alyssa. If you would like permission to use one of these photos, please email me through the contact sheet in the upper right corner of the site. 

Rapunzel Nails 

One of my favorite princesses is from the movie tangled. I have dressed up as Rapunzel Many times either for Halloween, Disney Halloween party, or Disney Halloween about doing Disney bounding. This Disney nail art is inspired by Rapunzel‘s hair. I wore these nails to the Disney Halloween Party here.

Rapunzel Nails Art and Design tangled braid inspired

Beauty and the Beast Nails

The Mrs. Potts and Chip Nails were one of my first nail art designs with Alyssa. They are from my interview with Emma Watson for the live action – Beauty and the Beast movie. You can read the articles here.

Beauty and the Beast Nails art and design with Mrs. Potts and Chip

Sleeping Beauty Nail Art

The classic Disney princess is Sleeping Beauty aka Aurora. Sleeping Beauty is on of the first Disney Princesses. She has her own castle in Disneyland. Did you know that the Disneyland castle is pink!? If you haven’t see it yet, you need to make a plan to see Disney Land asap! 

Sleeping Beauty Nail Art

Maleficent Nails

Maleficent Nails

Tsum Tsum Disney Nails

These super cute Disney Princess nails have all your favorite princesses like Jasmine from Aladdin, Rapunzel from Tangled, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. 

Disney Princess Tsum Tsum Nail art

Frozen Nails 

The New movie Frozen 2 just came out and I decided to work with my nail tech design these snowflakes to match Elsa’s dress. If you have seen the movie, you know that this now flake shows up a bunch. It is also rainbow in parts. I would love this in a rainbow design too! 

I showed my nail tech the design of Elsa’s dress and she was able to draw this free hand on my short nails with gel polish. You can see more of the designs here on these Frozen 2 coloring sheets and these Frozen 2 activity sheets. Check out Princess Anna’s nail art here

Frozen Nails art and Designs

Princess Anna Frozen 2 Nail Art

Mermaid Nails 


Mint Green Mermaid Nails designs for summer

Disney Christmas Nails

I am absolutely in love with the Mickey Gingerbread man! How cute is he? I just got these nails done right in time for Christmas. 

Disney Cupcake Nails

Disney Mickey and Minnie Nails

Disney Nail Art Stickers 

If you do not have access to an amazing nail artist, you can also grab these Disney nail art stickers. 


What Disney Nails would you like me to add to this post? I am happy to take suggestions. 

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  1. Looks amazing, thanks for sharing your experience. I love a simple, solid color design, with a special accent. My master uses dip powders for manicure and this is a great solution not only for beauty, but also for the health of nails.


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