A World of Hearts -Window Display + CRICUT GIVEAWAY

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Bring some love to your home by adding A World of Hearts display to your windows. #aWorldofHearts is part of an effort to spread a message of hope and unity.

Bring some love to your home by adding A World of Hearts display to your windows. #aWorldofHearts is part of an effort to spread a message of hope and unity,

A World of Hearts -Window Display

With all the madness going on in the world, I really appreciate being able to craft. It gives me a space to be creative and get some juices flowing. This week, I made a heart pineapple window display and matching pineapple shirts.

Get the Cricut Design File that I made here!

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Tools & Supplies 

  • Cricut Machine – Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Transfer Tape
  • Standard Grip Mat (get it here
  • Portable Trimmer 
  • Cricut Temporary Removable Vinyl
  • Weeding Tools

How to Make Cricut ‘A World of Hearts’ Display?

Using this Cricut Project, make a world of hearts pineapples.

Look to see what size vinyl piece you will need and cut the vinyl down. You can also wait to cut it until after your print your pineapples.

Next, lay the vinyl on a green standard mat and feed the mat into the machine.

Load the fine point blade into the Cricut Machine.

Next, load the standard sheet with the vinyl on it into the Cricut machine using the arrow. 

Hit make on the computer or app. 

Choose the proper vinyl settings.

Next, press the C on the Cricut Machine to start the make. 

Once the machine is done cutting, hit the arrows to release the mat. 

Weed the vinyl that you don’t need for the design. 

Then, cut the transfer tape to match the size of the design. 

Remove the piece of transfer tape and set it on top of the vinyl design. 

Cricut a World of hearts window display

Applying the Cricut Temporary Vinyl to Window

Use the scraper on both sides to make the design transfer to transfer tape. 

Pull off the white paper slowly to make sure the design transfers to the transfer tape. 

Place the vinyl design on the window.

Use the scraper to smooth down the vinyl. 

Peel back the transfer tape. 

Finally, use the scraper to smooth down the window display.


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31 thoughts on “A World of Hearts -Window Display + CRICUT GIVEAWAY”

  1. I know it sounds silly to say this pineapple project would be my first project…but it would! My daughter is so in love with them and she was a product of infertility treatment so it’s always made me smile that she found a love of them independently

  2. My wedding is coming this July and I have been borrowing my mom’s Cricut to do EVERYTHING! Addressing invitations and save the dates, making sign, stickers for bridesmaids and champagne glasses. It has been so much fun and I so want one of my own. I have lots more to make before the big day. I am also a teacher, so I have lots of time on my hands now!

  3. I have 4 kids that are all in sports so the endless possibilities are enormous. I am also a nurse and I LOVE to make things for my CNA’s that work with me to show them how much I truly appreciate them. I also make things for the police department, as my husband is the Chief of Police. I love making things to show appreciation and for “just because” reasons. I have always wanted a cricut so I could do my own decals and designs, but, have never been able to buy one in store as they always seem to be sold out.

  4. I would gift this to my very crafty sister who got all the artsy genes in my family. I know she would make hundreds of great things with this machine!

  5. i have been wanting one for so long so i have a bunch of home decor projects and clothes for my little ones i want to make.

  6. I think it would be neat to use it to make farm animals to put on t-shirts for my little cousin. She loves animals.

  7. That’s a tough one! I think I would try my hand at some wooden signs first but my list of must do projects is a mile long! Paper flowers, cute onesies for my niece, custom water bottles and bags, pop-up cards, all sorts of things!

  8. I am so inspired by the pineapple heart project. It is adorable.. maybe I could make something similar for my daughter with watermelon.. she has a really cute watermelon swimsuit..maybe I can make a coverup.. and some matching hairclips or flip flops. I want to make any and everything.. but that would be my first undertaking. Fingers crossed. And thank you!


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