Casual Spring Outfits for Women

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YAY! It is time time to break out my casual spring outfits for the warmer weather! Spring is my favorite season. I just love all the spring colors and clothes. Here are some of my favorite spring wardrobe essentials. 

Casual Spring Outfits for Women

To dress casually for spring, you really only need a few comfortable pieces to complete your look. Casual jewelry, leggings, a tunic top, and comfortable sandals. 

Casual Jewelry

To me spring casual outfits starts with a simple and stylish necklace. I have been hunting for something unique and stylish to layer with other necklaces. This necklace is perfect to wear with your casual spring outfits all season long. When I am dressing casually, I usually wear only necklaces and my wedding ring. Once you start adding more jewelry, you are making your look less casual. 

However, if you prefer to wear earrings or additional rings then you should consider seeing what Dreamland Jewelry has to offer. They have a wide range of jewelry options for just about anyone depending on your taste and style.

Comfortable Leggings

For the perfect casual look for spring, these comfortable legging are my favorite. I have been buying leggings from them for years and will definitely continue. 

Tunic Tops 

I have come to realize that I am most comfortable when I am rocking a tunic top. My favorite places to buy tunics is from J.Jill and Anthroplogie. They have amazing choices every season. 

Here are some of my favorite tunic tops right now: 

Comfortable Sandals

The key to casual outfit for spring are comfortable sandals. Sam Edelman is my go to choice for flat sandals. Every season they come out with a variation on the same style of sandals. 

Louis Vuitton Neverfull 

My favorite bag for spring and summer casual outfits is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. I have the Neverfull in Damier Azur Canvas GM. I was on the fence between the Neverfull GM and PM sizes. The GM size is ideal for me because I have a child and am always carrying random things in my bag. 

Light Weight Cardigans 

If you live in a climate where the spring can still be cool, a light weight cardigan is a must. My favorite place to get cardigans is Lilly Pulitzer. They usually make one or two every year that is light weight and fringed. I have been wearing my Lilly Pulitzer navy cardigan every spring for the past 5 years. 

Light Colored Jeans

During spring, I start breaking out my light colored jeans. My favorite is a really skinny pair of white jeans. You can also choose grey jeans or a pair of light washed jeans to complete your casual spring look. 

Cotton Dresses 

For spring, t-shirt cotton dresses are perfect for spring weather. You can easily layer a spring cardigan with these tee dresses. You can find easy to wear tee dress on Amazon or Nordstrom

Let me know in the comments below if you are rocking any or all of these casual spring outfits. 

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9 thoughts on “Casual Spring Outfits for Women”

  1. A lot of people use Spring as a time to show off their colorful wardrobes, but I think this simplistic, casual approach is perfect. Not too much, but with the additions of some great jewelry you can still really make a statement!

  2. I love these pieces! I can’t wait to bring out my light colored pants for the spring/summer and the gold jewelry looks amazing with them.

  3. I can’t wait for warmer weather!! I am sick of the cold!! But I always have a hard time transitioning my outfits. You look amazing in these photos! I love the gray LV bag!

  4. I love a pair of comfortable leggings and a classic piece of dainty jewelry for the spring season! The gold circle necklace looks so stylish and pretty with your outfit!


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