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Over the past few months, I tried out a service where you rent a few dresses per month. I kept gravitating toward eShakti dresses and wanting to keep them when it came time to send them back. In fact, I ended up keeping a few that I could not bring myself to send back. After that, I decided to explore the eShakti website and realized that the have gorgeous really reasonably priced custom dresses. 

As a women with an hourglass figure, I find that a lot of dresses don’t fit me properly. If they fit my top they are too loose on my waist. If they fit my bottom, they are too big on top. I usually end up falling in love with dresses that are ill fitting and feel devastated when I have to put them back or so desperate to find something for an occasion that I end up buying the dress anyway. 

Reasonably Priced Custom Dresses

eShakti dresses can be customized to fit every aspect of your body. You can add custom measurements for: 

  • Chest 
  • Bust 
  • Under Bust  
  • Hip 
  • Upper Arm 
  • Waist 
  • High Point Shoulder to Bust Point 
  • Hight Point Shoulder to Waist 
  • Hight Point Shoulder to Knee  
  • Height 

eShakti Coupon – 40% off First Order 

As part of the customization process, for most dresses you can choose the neckline, sleeve length, and dress length. You can get 40% off your first order here without an eShakti coupon or promo code. They take 40% off for new customers automatically.  I took full advantage of the discount and ordered 4 dresses that are custom fit for me. I ordered these dresses as a regular customer (not a blogger) so that I could assess the service from a customers perspective.

Dresses with Pockets

Did I mention that all the dresses have pockets?! The discovery of these reasonably priced tailor made dresses has changed my life and I am will definitely be ordering a few eShakti dresses every season from now on! Here are the customized dresses that I bought so far: 

First, If you fall in love with a print, you can usually find several dress styles in that print and then customize your dress to find. I found this sea world print that I absolutely love! eShakti has 3 dresses with a lot of custom options. I choose to just customize the measurements on the Sea World Print Crepe Wrap Dress.

Further, these wrap dresses are definitely hourglass figure dresses because the accentuate your waist. Based on my research on dresses for your body type, it is best to choose dresses that bring the eye toward the smallest part of your body. The v-neck line and the cinching at the waist creates a very flattering cut for any body type. (P.S. you can also choose how deep that v-neck goes based on how modest you want to be.) 

I fell in love with this mix print Floral Print Mix Crepe Wrap Dress. The main print has pink orchids with royal blue flower. It is perfect to wear with a royal blue or pink back for spring. I choose to short the sleeves and the length of the dress to make it perfect for my style and the upcoming spring season. 

I went out of my comfort zone with this prink dress because I just loved the print so much that I thought I would give the bigger sleeve a try. So, I was happily impressed with the eShakti dress and have been wearing it a lot lately. You can shop the Tropical Print Crepe Surplice Dress here. This is also a custom made dress where you can choose neckline, sleeve length, and dress length.

Mixed Media Dresses 

My favorite dresses that I got from the rental service were called mix media dresses. They look like they are a wrap top on the top and a flare skirt on the bottom. I kept a few of the dresses that were considered mixed media.  For example, on of them was in this cranberry print. I alway get a ton of compliments on this dress and I love wearing it because of the pockets. So, check out all the mixed media dress options on the eShakti website. 

In addition to the dresses that I kept from the rental service, I also ordered this chain print mixed media dress. It originally showed as a maxi dress, but I chose to shorten the sleeves and the length to make it more my style. However, I am dying to order a maxi dress that is just the right length so I can wear it with flats this summer. The fact that you can customize dresses like this makes my heart so happy. I really need to write an eShakti review on their website!

Eshakti Dresses - mixed media faux wrap dress chain print

eShakti Review 

After ordering both the customized dresses and the regular dresses, I am extremely impressed by the eShakti dresses. I am giving them the highest review possible and will definitely continue to order from them. I notice that the newer dresses allow you to see how to dresses will look with the chosen customization. The sale/older dress don’t have this option. In short, the ability to see what the dress will look like is huge for me because sometimes, I cannot visualize how a sleeve or dress length will look on me. Don’t forget to take advantage of the 40% eShakti coupon on your first order. I have not seen that available again on a second order. That is why I ordered 4 dresses my first time. I am so happy I did! 

eShakti clothing 

Here are some of the custom dresses on my wish list. 


I fell in the eShakti service and found the affiliate program so that I make a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. It took a lot of time and effort to share this amazing custom made dresses service with. Any support you can give is greatly appreciated! 

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