Decorate Kids Rain Boots + Bruce’s Big Storm

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This Decorate Kids Rain Boots + Bruce’s Big Storm post is sponsored. All opinions are my own. 

We are super excited for the newest book from the Mother Bruce series by #1 New York Times best-selling creator Ryan T. Higgins – Bruce’s Big Storm.  The fifth book is as adorable as its predecessors, with all the animals of Soggy Hollow dealing with a wild storm! There is an important lesson and lots of fun action along the way. 


diy umbrella rain bootsBruce’s Big Storm

Teachers and parents like me love the humor in this series. Bruce is hilarious! The books have a wonderful pace that keep both me and my daughter interested. With clever punchlines, Bruce’s Big Storm is an awesome read-aloud book that we can keep reading night after night. We love reading it together! 

We have stacks of books to read to my daughter every night. My little daughter has been reaching for Bruce’s Big Storm night after night. She finds his cranky attitude hilarious and always giggles as I read it to her.

Fans always come back to the incredible art that Ryan creates for these lovable creatures, and my daughter and I are no exception. Ryan’s art style is unique in its clever details and  beautiful textures, making the world his characters inhabit a visual treat.

Bruce's Big Storm

Even with a grumpy bear as its star, Bruce’s Big Storm shows the value of coming together in times of need, with help sometimes arriving when it’s least expected! The big lesson to take away from the book is the beauty and togetherness of communities helping each other out when things get dire.

Clearly, Bruce has struck a chord with his fans. Now the series has evolved to include a costume character and national storytimes, and he is constantly receiving adorable mail from young readers. We love Bruce so much that we made blue gummy bears inspired by him last year. Every time a new book releases, we rush out to get it. 

After reading Bruce’s Big Storm with my daughter, we decided to make these DIY Umbrella Print Rain Boots together. But first, here’s a little about the creator:

Ryan T. Higgins

The author of Bruce’s Big Storm, Ryan T. Higgins ( is NOT a grumpy old black bear, but he DOES like making books about one—starting with the best-selling Mother Bruce, which received the E. B. White Read-Aloud Award and the Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Honor. He lives in Maine with his wife and kids… and too many pets.

Bruce's Big Storm Rain Boots

DIY Umbrella Print Rain Boots

It is time to start the fun and decorate these rain boots inspired by Bruce’s red umbrella in the story. 

Tools & Supplies

  • Cricut Maker or Cricut Air 
  • Standard Grip Mat
  • Cricut Red Vinyl 
  • Weeding Tools 
  • Rain Boots 

How to Decorate Rain Boots?

Start with umbrella icon that is free on Cricut Design Space (#M43526). Delete everything except the light blue umbrella background. Size the umbrella to about 2 inches high. Duplicate 30 times so that you have 15 for each rain boot. 

Now, hit make it in green in the upper right corner.

See how much vinyl you will need by looking at the measurement.

Cutting vinyl

Cancel the make.

Cut the vinyl to the size you will need for the print. 

How to Print Using Cricut Vinyl?

To use Cricut vinyl, you should use the green circuit sheet with the medium stickiness.

Cricut Maker

Printing Vinyl

Place the vinyl liner down on the green standard grip Cricut mat. Make sure it is secure and try to avoid bubbles.

Cricut Vinyl

Load the green sheet with the vinyl on it using the arrows and make sure the Cricut pulls it in properly.

On the computer, choose the machine – Cricut Maker.  

Also, choose the type of Cricut vinyl by selecting from the Cricut database of material.

Cricut Design Studio

Ensure that the Cricut has space behind and in front so it can work properly.

When the C – Cricut symbol is flashing, press it and watch the Cricut cut the umbrellas.

Remove the sheet with the arrows.

Pull off the Vinyl and remove everything except the red umbrellas from the sheet using the weeding tools.

Weeding Vinyl

How to Use Vinyl Transfer Tape? 

Cut the vinyl transfer paper to go over the vinyl cut outs. 

Peel the transfer paper and place it on top of the umbrella cut outs. Use the scraper to smooth the transfer tape to vinyl umbrellas. 

Peel back the transfer tape slowly so that the vinyl sticks to transfer paper. 

Cut the transfer tape into squares with one umbrella attached to each. 

Place the umbrellas on the rain boots in the pattern you want.

Use the scraper tool with pressure to smooth the umbrellas in place to remove bubbles before you peel the transfer tape. 

Peel the transfer tape slowly by pulling one corner downward at an angle. Watch for any lifting of the vinyl. 

Peel the transfer tape. 

Let the boots sit untouched for 48 to 72 hours before handling or using the boots. 

Rain boots

Umbrella Print rain boots

Rain Outfit

Rainboots Cricut

What do you think of our DIY Rain Boots inspired by Bruce’s Big Storm? Have you read any of the Mother Bruce books? 

Visit  to buy the new book – Bruce’s Big Storm.

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