Easy Melon Compote Dessert

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The summer is so hot that I always looking for fabulous desserts to cool off. This is a pretty easy recipe that allows you to make extremely quickly and share an extra special treat with your family and friends. The Melons add some healthy color to the plate while the Sara Lee® All Butter Pound Cake  and Breyers®  Butter Pecan Ice Cream are the easy to grab and delicious base.

Sara Lee Dessert Recipe-1671

Sara Lee Dessert Recipe-1669

I found all the ingredients at Publix this week including, but certainly not limited to Sara Lee® All Butter Pound Cake and Breyers®  Butter Pecan Ice Cream. Take advantage of $3.00 off any ONE (1) Sara Lee® Frozen Dessert 9.6-30 oz. and Breyers® Ice Cream 48 oz. (combined purchase required) now through 8/28/15 at your local Publix while supplies last.

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3 Cups Sugar
2 Cups Water
1 tsp Anise
1 Cinnamon Sticks
1 tsp whole cloves
2 Lemons zested into large pieces
1 Ripe Cantaloupe
1 Ripe Honeydew
1 Container Breyers®  Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Sara Lee Dessert Recipe-1671Instructions

Start by heating 3 cups sugar with 2 cups water on medium heat.
Add 1 tsp anise, 1 cinnamon stick broken into 3 parts, lemon zest, and 1 tsp whole cloves.
Bring to a boil on medium heat.

Sara Lee Dessert Recipe-1649
Take mixture off the burner and allow it to cool.
Strain after it cools using a fine mesh strainer.
Set aside.
Slice Sara Lee Pound Cake into 1/2 inch pieces.

Sara Lee Dessert Recipe-1625
Heat the Pound Cake on the plate in the microwave got 10 seconds.
Slice the melons in half.
Use a melon baller to scoop out the seeds of the Honey Dew and Cantaloupe.
Scoop the interior of the melons out with a small melon baller. Place on plate and set aside.
Place the pound cake in the middle of a small plate and place melon scoops around the pound cake.
Scoop the Breyer’s Butter Pecan Ice Cream on top of the Pound Cake.

Sara Lee Dessert Recipe-1652
Pour the melon compote over the ice cream and melons.
Serve immediately.

Sara Lee Dessert Recipe-1654

This recipe is super quick so if you are looking for something special that you can make in a snap, this is perfect.

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