45 Summer and Spring Nails Designs and Art Ideas

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Over the last year or so, I have started getting awesome nail designs on my fingernails from the talented Alyssa in Boca Raton (@AlyssaDidMyNails). My good friend, Kristy (@peaceloveandjoy_essentials) turned me on to getting nail designs for summer last year. Summer nails are filled with fresh fruits and bright colors. Below you will find nail designs that are the brainchildren of both me and Kristy with help of Alyssa. They are beautiful and make me smile. Cheer to a fun summer filled with cute nails cheering mimosas by the pool.


30 Nails Designs for Summer

Fruit Nail Designs

Summer fruit nails are by far my favorite choice! The summer fruits like pineapples, watermelons, and lemons just look so cute as a nail design. If you mix them with palm trees, I am basically in heaven! As you can see watermelon nail art is our favorite choice for summer.

Lemon Nail Art



Lemon Nail Art Design with pink and pastels

Watermelon Nail Art

Summer is not complete without watermelons. It is the best summer fruit! 

Summer Fruit Nail Art with Watermelon and Bananas

Watermelon Slices Nail Art

Watermelon Nail Art Designs for Summer

Pineapple Nail Art

These cute pineapple nails were to match my welcome mat last summer. I brought a picture in and Alyssa made them from the print on my rug. How cools is that?


Pineapple Nail Art for Summer

Popsicle Nail Art

Take the fruit and make some popsicles this summer. Here are some awesome popsicle nail art that I love. 

Popsicle Nails

Popsicle Nail Art and Design

Amusement Park Nails

Disney Nails

For your next trip to Disney, you can theme your outfits around your favorite Disney Princess like these cute Sleeping Beauty Nails or the Rapunzel Nail Art. If you love all the princesses like I do, you can get a different Princess on each nail. Both Kristy (@peaceloveandjoy_essentials) and I spend a lot of time at Disney World, so we love getting our nails done with a Disney focus.

Sleeping Beauty Nail Art


Rapunzel Tangled Nail Art  Disney Princess Tsum Tsum Nail art

Beauty and the Beast Nail Art

More Beauty and the Beast


Legoland Nails

Legoland Park Nails Art Design


Flower Nail Designs

Designer Nails Dolce and Gabbana


Watercolor Nail Art for Summer


Nautical Nails

The summer to me growing up means being on the boat. I love a beautiful nautical nail art for patriotic holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day (4th of July), and Labor Day.

Nautical Nail Art - french Manicure


Nautical Nail Art Mermaid Nails

Summer is all about spending time in the water. My daughter’s birthday is in the summer and she wants yet another mermaid birthday party this year! The girl loves ariel as much as I do! 🙂

Mermaid Nail Art

Mint Green Mermaid Nails designs for summer

Under the Sea Nails

Under the Sea Nail Art Designs

Cactus Nails


Cactus Nail Designs for Summer

Rainbow Nails

How cute are rainbows for summer? In Florida, summer is the rainy season so we see rainbows almost on daily basis during the summertime. Nothing says Florida summer like a rainbow after a quick rainfall.


Rainbow Nail Art Designs with black and white stripes

Rainbow Nail Designs for summer


Hot Pink stripe nails

Abstract Nail Art 

The first set of nails is inspired by my daughter’s LOL doll house that is art deco and reminds me of Miami in the summer. 

LOL Doll Nails

Abstract Nail Art


Chevron Nail Art

Use your favorite colors to make a chevron pattern on your nails this summer. Here are some really cute ones from Kristy (@peaceloveandjoy_essentials).


Patriotic 4th of July Memorial Day Wonder Woman Nails 

These patriotic nails are perfect for 4th of July and Memorial Day. They are a fun chevron that reminds me of Wonder Woman too. I love them! 

Wonder Woman Nails for 4th of July

For my chevron nail art, I decided to go with my favorite colors blush and rose gold. These nails are a perfect neutral look for summer and could be worn all year since this blush tone is so muted.

Gingham Nails

Are you having a summer picnic this year? What about a BBQ? These gingham nails are perfect for a summer picnic outdoors or spending time at BBQ. They look great in red too for 4th of July!



Gingham Nails Design using gel polish

Eyelash Prints

These eyelashes and eye nail art seem to be trending this year. I Love the idea of having something so fun and girly on your nails. Summer to mean skip the mascara or use waterproof mascara or even best yet, get eyelash extensions for the summer so you don’t have to deal with mascara. I definitely don’t want extensions all year long, but I would do it in the summer just to skip the mascara in the pool. I digress. These are definitely on my to try list for summer.


Pink Eyelash Nail Art Nails
Eye Lash Nails with Neon Pink Nail Art

Palm Print Nails


Palm Tree Nail Art

Banana Leaf Palm Tree Nail Art


Who doesn’t love a good flamingo nail in summer? I think I am going to do this in July after the 4th. I like to plan in advance so I don’t go into appointments without a plan! LOL

Flamingo Nail Art

Pool Float Nail Art


Summer Animals Nail Art

Tucan Nail Art

Glitter Nail Art 

The summer is filled with sparkly sun shimmering off of everything from the water to the sand, why not let it sparkle off your nails. Here are some amazing glitter nails for summer. 

Star Nail Art 

Over the summer, star nails are really fun for 4th of July and beyond. Stars are so cool and you can have a lot of fun with them. 

Pink Star Nails


Star Nail Art

I hope you enjoyed this summer nail art post. It will be updated as we get more nails done with Alyssa in Boca Raton  (@AlyssaDidMyNails) this summer. Thanks again to my good friend, Kristy (@peaceloveandjoy_essentials) who turned me on to getting nail designs! She has her own business. Please support her! 🙂


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