18 Fall Nail Designs and Colors – 2018

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Are you as excited as I am for the fall season?? I started fall nail designs early this year to help you get ready for the season!!

20 Fall Nail Designs and Colors – 2018

Fall Nail Colors 2018

Over the past year or so, I have been getting nail designs on my fingernails from Alyssa in Boca Raton (@AlyssaDidMyNails). My good friend, Kristy (@peaceloveandjoy_essentials) turned me on to getting nail designs for fall last year. My fall nails are painted with fall fruits and fall nail colors. Below you will find fall nail designs that are the brainchildren of both me and Kristy with the artistry of Alyssa. They are so gorgeous and make me smile. Cheers to a cool fall season filled with cute fall nails with fun fall layers. See my spring and summer nail art here.


Fall Nail Designs for 2018 Dark Red Nail Designs

One of the best neutral nail colors for fall is a nice dark red color. You can have a lot of fun with the color by color blocking with blush tones and including it in a floral.

Fall Rainbow Nail Art with Black and White

Dark Red Nail Designs for fall nails

Make your Manicure Last

Make your manicure last with these awesome tips.

Dark Red Nail Art with Mauve and Gold for fall nails

Fall Blues

The fall blues are plentiful!! I think these turquoise nails are my favorite!! They were inspired by a pair of fall earrings from the Kendra Scott fall collection. Get them here.

Teal Fall Nail Art Designs chevron with gold and black and white with negative space - french manicure

Matte Grey Nails

I am loving rocking grey with glitter for fall and winter this year!! What do you think of the matte nails?! I am still on the fence about matte versus shiny. 🙂

Matte Grey nails for fall nail designs

Black & White Nails

Green Nail Designs

These glitter nail art designs are made with gel polish layered with metallic and then glitter on top. Arm Green is the perfect fall nail polish color.

Green and Gold Nail designs color blocking for fall season

Blush & Rose Gold Nails

I am still loving blush for fall this year. To me, it’s the new nude. You can wear it with anything!! Rose gold nails goes really well with everything too! The days of not being able to mix metallics are over. You can mix rose gold with yellow gold and silver! They go together just fine now!

Rose Gold Nails with blush for fall nails

Fall Nail Design

Fall Foods

During the fall seasons, there are a bunch for fall foods that are in season during autumn. Some of our faves are apples, pumpkins, and peaches!

Apple Nail Art

The fall season is Apple picking season. My friend went Apple picking last fall and wore these nails during her trip! I love them so much!!!

Fall Nail Art - apple designs

Get our favorite apple recipes here:

Pumpkin Nail Art

Nothing says fall to me like pumpkin nail art. I recently did a huge baking event called Pumpkin week. My mini pumpkin nail art went perfectly with the pumpkin spice and pumpkin baking.

Pumpkin Nail Art for fall nails

See my nails in action and get our favorite pumpkin recipes here:

Peach Nail Art

These peaches are masterful because they even have a little peach fuzz on them.

Peach Nail Art Designs for Fall Seasonal Fruit

Get our favorite peach recipes here:

Fall Florals

During the fall season, fall florals are really fun!!

Fall Nail Art Roses


One of the best holidays during the fall season is Halloween. You can go for something Halloween themed or rock nail art that goes with your costume!!

Halloween Nail Designs with Boom, Pumpkin Jackolantern, spiders, cats stripe and candy corn


Thanksgiving Nails

Yay! Thanksgiving is coming and we are so excited! Get your nails ready for Thanksgiving with these cute Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas.


thanksgiving nail art designs ideas with acorns, pumpkin pie, and a turkey

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Nail Art Design for fall



Which is your favorite fall nail design? Do you have any ideas that you want me to try out?

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