Saint Patrick’s Day Outfits

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My little sister is heading off to New Orleans for Saint Patrick’s Day and she asked for some help deciding what to wear for the big day.  Since everyone will be wearing a green top, I figured it would be fun to put the green on the bottom.  Green bottoms are very wearable and easily findable in the stores since colored jeans are still trending high.
Green shorts are a great option for those of us that live in warm climates. This outfit can be worn on Saint Patrick’s Day and all spring and summer long.
If you are going to go for a green top, of course, I recommend polka dots. This is the more refined Saint Patrick’s Day outfit that can go from work to happy hour.

Ideas on What to Wear on St. Patrick’s Day

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  1. i love that lace pink top and the idea of wearing green bottoms rather than a green top. I didn’t go anywhere for St. Patrick’s day so I didn’t really need to worry about an outfit, but rock a BR mint green top.


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