Big City Moms Gift Bag

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Big City Moms Gift Bag Review

I attended the Big City Moms Baby Shower in Miami this year and the Big City Moms Gift Bag was filled with awesome baby and mommy swag! The swag bag was filled with the goodies I have listed below and also I picked up a ton of other awesome swag by walking around meeting all the vendors. There was also a bingo game with big ticket prizes like the 4moms bouncer and Joovy Stroller. Check out the picture below with some of serious swag we walked away with! I thought I was going to have to walk this to my car, but they have transportation for your bags and will walk you to your car. What service!?

Big City Moms Gift Bag Miami 2104

The tickets are a little pricey, but after checking out the Big City Moms gift bags, it was all worth it! The cost of admission paid for itself!

  • The Super Pass allows you to get in a 1/2 early for $85 and you got an ERGO BABY CARRIER, retail value $120!
  • The Basic Pass was $35, but did not include gift bag or prizes. You still get access to all the brands that will give you some free stuff. Also,
  •  The Standard Pass was $65 and included the gift card I received. This is the one I was given.
  •  The Couples Pass was $125 and included 1 gift bag. If you must bring your man to carry things, this is the way to go.


My favorite parts of the event were:

  1. The Big City Moms Gift Bag (contents below).
  2. Being able to play with all the baby stuff and see how it works in person rather than just seeing online.
  3. Meeting mom bloggers and brand ambassadors that are very familiar with the products who gave me a mom’s perspective of the brands and what they offer.
  4. Getting to hang out with my friends and meet more moms. It was a mommy’s night out!
  5. Getting the extra swag by walking around meeting the vendors. I walked away with a ton of Ella’s Kitchen Food, Earth’s Best Food, 6 tubes of Hipoglos Ointment, Chicco Bottle Handles for my Chicco Bottles (review here), Joovy HiLo Chair (review here).
  6. Extra special (and substantial) coupons given by Joovy and other brands at the Big City Moms. It pays to love a brand and let the people working the Vendor table know it. They love helping moms out!
  7. Meeting Liza from Sage Spoonfuls was awesome. I love her baby food cook book!

Big City Moms Miami

April Golightly at Big City Moms Miami

Big City Mom Gift Bag Contents:

Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower Gift Bag

Big City Moms Gift Bag

Big City Moms Swag Bag 2014

There were food vendors sampling prenatal juice cocktails, fried oreos, and tons of healthy and yummy food depending on your craving. Everyone was having a great time and it was a fun atmosphere. I had a blast and loved all the stuff I recived in my Big City Moms Gift Bag! I think about 99% of it will get used or given to moms with younger infants. The Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower Ever is a must for any brand new or expecting parents.


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