5 Must Haves for Moms Post C-Section

My C-Section was planned because of the size of my daughter. She was estimated to be over 10 pounds, but came out 9 pounds 2 ounces. I had gestational diabetes that causes babies to be born at a higher birth weight. As with any serious surgery, you cannot really plan for the pain involved. Luckily, Cesarean Sections are done everyday with great success. Recovery is also quite painful and happening when your new little one needs you and your hormones are raging. I decided to breast feed my little one and that is much more taxing on the body while recovering from a C-Section. I am not trying to scare anyone or discourage anyone from breast feeding, but my recovery has not been fun. Other women have had an easier recovery, but I am telling you what I needed and used when I came home from the hospital with my new little one. P.S. I would do it all the same even though it was tough.

5 Must Haves for Moms Post C-Section


Baby Shower Favors

My belly is getting bigger by the day and we just had our baby shower last weekend. The gifts somehow made the her coming more immenient and real. The Baby Shower Favors were probably the most fun thing about the baby shower preparation. If you have already hosted a baby shower, you know how much work it is. My sister, Bobbie took care of almost everything and I asked the lovely people at The Village Stand to help me find some local goodies to use as Baby Shower Favors for my guests.




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