Gifts for Best Friends – Christmas Guide

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Having a best friend you can count on is one of the best things in the world. In honor of my best friend, I am writing this guide for gifts for best friends for Christmas. 

Gifts for Best Friends – Christmas Guide 

Best Friend Christmas Gift Guide

Key Chain Pouch & Cute Keychain

I was watching a luxury video online and saw someone with this really cute Louis Vuitton key pouch. I bought it and it is extremely small and not big enough for my car key. Plus, I was always worrying that a valet would run off with my little Louis. If your friend loves luxury and has small key, the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch is $205 as of this moment. 

I found a great key chain pouch on Amazon that has held up great! I’ve had it for over a year! It is only $6.99. It comes in tons of colors, but I am partial to the rose gold one, but choose the color that your best friend would love the most! 

Since the Amazon one is so inexpensive, I recommend getting the leather key holder with a cute keychain or with another gift on this list. 


Genuine Leather Coin Purse

Matching Shirts

I am kinda obsessed with matching my daughter so matching my best friend is not a stretch. You can get fun seasonal t-shirts or shared love shirts like Messy Bun, Target Run if you and your BFF share a love of messy buns and Target.

Etsy is a great place to find these cute shirts or you can make the with your Cricut. My best friend and I have a shared love of Cricut so that would be a double whammy. Plus if you make something, it is extra special! Check out these Personalized Infusible Ink Skirts I made for my family. 

personalized christmas gifts

Cute Clothes 

Since you are shopping for your bestie, you can find cute clothes for her with worrying that you are making the wrong choice. I recently found this cool website that helps you find cool clothes from all over the world. It is called The Urge. It is a fashion search engine that let’s you shop brands, stores and e-tailers from around the world all in one place. 

Body Scrub

Body scrubs or a nice gift for your best friend. You can get pre-made body scrubs like Frank Body Scrub or you can make your own. Here are some awesome scrub recipes that I have made and gifted to my friends.

lavender scrub

Face Masks

You can also make your own DIY face masks with this simple tutorial. 

DIY face masks

Makeup Mirror

You can get an awesome mirror for your friend. This Simple Human will change your makeup game! 


Subscription Box

I love giving subscription boxes as gifts for Christmas because it is the gift that keeps on giving. Here are 12 of our favorite subscription boxes with reviews and pictures!  

Subscription Box Gift

Keto Subscription Box



A list of gifts for best friends for  Christmas would not be complete without comfy slippers. This is not something I usually buy for myself even though I love them. Dearfoams slippers are a super comfy and make a great gift choice. Shop some really cute ones here.

Cute Outfits


You can get your bestie a makeup bundle that they will love from their favorite brands. During the holidays makeup brands bundle items that normally would never go on sale. Here are some awesome beauty bundles to check out. 


Makeup Bundle Gift


Comfy Blanket

A comfy blanket is the perfect BFF. My favorite blankets are from Barefoot Dreams! They are the softest and best blankets I have ever gotten. Get $5 off these awesome blankets here with Take5. 

Here is the super soft buffalo plaid blanket pictured above. 

Best Friend Necklaces

There are some modern best friend necklaces that are not your typical half heart from high school. This Etsy Store has a ton of cute best friend jewelry. best friend necklace


This is a great gift for your bestie. You can get inexpensive ones on Amazon or get pricey ones from a sunglasses store. If you want to get your friends size, you can measure the top bridge next time she runs to the bathroom. If she catches you, you’ll have to own up to buying her a pair for Christmas. 

Pink Sunglasses

Here are some fun inexpensive sunglasses from Amazon that we love! 

Cute New Phone Case

Getting a new cell phone case is not something every woman does on their own. Most of the time, the only time that you get a new case is when you buy a new phone. Even if your best friend buys her own cases, it is still a fun gift. Every other second your friend will be reminded of you. 

Here are some of our favorite cell phone cases for her. Check out the collections area. They have some amazing designers. Holly Nicols and Lisa Frank have some really cute designs. Also, a local blogger, Gissi Jimenez has her drawings on the Casetify. You will have to search her name to find them on Casetify. Also, check out some of The Architect of Style art here.The Architect of Style art here. 

Casetify Phone Cases

Watch Bands 

If your best friend is apply watch wearer, these cute watch bands are a must see. This is definitely a gift I would appreciate. 

Starbucks Cup

I found these really cute custom Starbucks cups on Etsy. You can get your best friend’s favorite print and personalize it for them. 

More Gift Ideas

We know there are a lot of people on your holiday list to shop for, so we thought it would be helpful to give you even more great gift ideas!

Check out these great gift ideas for all the women in your life. There’s something for everyone!

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