Buffalo Cauliflower Wings Recipe

Easy Buffalo Wing Cauliflower Recipe

  This Buffalo Cauliflower Wings recipe is a healthy alternative to making fried chicken wings. While it is a crowd favorite during football season, it is something that I make everytime that I have guests over because it is such a crowd favorite. They can be gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian. My favorite way to eat them is like a chicken wing dipped in ranch or blue cheese. This buffalo wings cauliflower dish works perfectly in … Read more

Low Carb Keto Cheese Crisps Recipe

Over the past few months of being on the Keto Diet, I realized that the one of the textures that I miss most is crispiness. The Keto Cheese Crisps are the perfect solution to my crispiness cravings. Keto Cheese Crisps There are a few cheese crips on the market where you don’t have to cook them yourself, I decided to give it a try and realized it is so easy to make your own low … Read more

Keto Egg Drop Soup

The past few months of eating Keto have been filled with lots of Keto Egg Drop Soup. It’s a simple way to get a low net carb meal into your daily routine with some delicious bone broth, Keto Vegetables, and eggs    KETO EGG DROP SOUP  To make this easy egg drop soup, all you have to do is start with a good bone broth over medium high heat in a medium size pot. You … Read more

Keto Hot Chocolate

One of my favorite cold-weather drinks is hot chocolate. I love the creaminess of the chocolate, with a hint of sweetness. And I found a way to make my favorite drink keto-friendly! Try my Keto hot chocolate, you’ll love it too. Keto Hot Chocolate I almost couldn’t believe it myself. I created a hot chocolate that is keto-friendly! It’s like I can indulge in my favorite hot drink without feeling guilty. And you can too. … Read more

Keto Chocolate Fat Bombs

Keto Chocolate Fat Bombs

These Keto chocolate fat bombs are the perfect snack. They are portable, already portioned out, and give you that much-needed “good fats” boost you need while on Keto.   Keto Chocolate Fat Bombs I will admit, one of my biggest struggles while on Keto is snacking. There are so many snacks I want to eat….but shouldn’t. So many sweet snacks out there will throw me right out of Ketosis. Then, I discovered the joy of … Read more

Keto Mint Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

Not only do these mint chocolate cupcakes look incredible, but they taste even more amazing too. They are homemade chocolate cupcakes, topped with a fluffy, mint buttercream frosting. Everything is made from scratch!  Mint Chocolate Cupcakes Chocolate is one of my favorite foods. And these cupcakes are so rich and spongy. When you use the sour cream and buttercream both, you have a cake that comes out everything but dry. These are not dry at all.  Then, … Read more