Keto Hot Chocolate

One of my favorite cold-weather drinks is hot chocolate. I love the creaminess of the chocolate, with a hint of sweetness. And I found a way to make my favorite drink keto-friendly! Try my Keto hot chocolate, you’ll love it too. Keto Hot Chocolate I almost couldn’t believe it myself. I created a hot chocolate that is keto-friendly! It’s like I can indulge in my favorite hot drink without feeling guilty. And you can too. … Read more

Keto Chocolate Fat Bombs

Keto Chocolate Fat Bombs

These Keto chocolate fat bombs are the perfect snack. They are portable, already portioned out, and give you that much-needed “good fats” boost you need while on Keto.   Keto Chocolate Fat Bombs I will admit, one of my biggest struggles while on Keto is snacking. There are so many snacks I want to eat….but shouldn’t. So many sweet snacks out there will throw me right out of Ketosis. Then, I discovered the joy of … Read more

Keto Mint Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

Not only do these mint chocolate cupcakes look incredible, but they taste even more amazing too. They are homemade chocolate cupcakes, topped with a fluffy, mint buttercream frosting. Everything is made from scratch!  Mint Chocolate Cupcakes Chocolate is one of my favorite foods. And these cupcakes are so rich and spongy. When you use the sour cream and buttercream both, you have a cake that comes out everything but dry. These are not dry at all.  Then, … Read more

Chicken Zucchini Pasta with Almond Pesto

Serve a healthy plate of colorful veggies. This chicken zucchini pasta is keto and full of nutrients. You won’t even know you are missing the carbs!    Chicken Zucchini Pasta with Almond Pesto Sometimes you are just in the mood for some noodles. I know I am a huge fan of pasta. Being raised Italian I grew to really enjoy pasta in different sauces and flavors.  But pasta is filled with carbs. And it was … Read more

Low Carb Egg Muffins

Low Carb Egg Muffins with Cauliflower & Parmesan

Starting the new year off with focusing on a low carb and high protein diet. These Low Carb Egg Muffins made with Cauliflower & Parmesan is the ideal make-ahead meal that you can eat all week for breakfast.  Each egg muffin is made with whole eggs, parmesan cheese, and fresh steamed cauliflower. If you want to make this even more healthy, you can make it with half egg whites and half whole eggs with the yolk. … Read more