5 Most Interesting Repurposed Hooks

Hooks are a wonderful way to add organization to your home. They fit in unconventional wall spaces and allow you to hang so many items in easy-to-reach places. Hooks don’t have to look conventional; unique hooks around your house double as accents and useful implements. Try repurposing some of your old household items into great new hooks. … Read more

Prepping for Summer Early

Can you believe summer is around the corner? If you love sunshine, warm weather, and longer daylight nights, welcoming your favorite season can’t happen soon enough. Let the ideas that follow help you get prepped early for the summer ahead. Prepare Your Outdoor Space Image via Flickr by Wicker Paradise Whether you have a small patio area … Read more

How to Do Laundry Better

How to do laundry better using TIDE PODS® and an effective method of washing clothes using laundering symbols

Vissell Bagless Vacuum

The BISSELL PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum goes for an inexpensive $47.84! It has the Helix Dirt Separation System for longer lasting pick-up performance and it is extremely lightweight.

Dusting Your Way to Shiny New Home

Dusting Your Way to Shine New Home With Endust Multi-Surface Dusting Spray lemon scent used on wood finished smooth leather, stainless steel & more

6 Stylish Backyard Ideas on a Budget

6 Stylish Backyard Ideas on a Budget for small yards everything from flameless lanterns, stylish towels, Mother In Law Tongue Plants, planters, and more

No Sew DIY Tent for Potty Training

No Sew DIY Tent Tutorial for a toilet teepee to help with potty training your child – made with head bond hem tape, iron, and no sewing

How to Clean for the Holidays

How to Clean for the Holidays – During the holidays, I love getting the house ready for guests by giving it a really good clean.

Join Me for #CloroxControl Twitter Party – Dec 3 – 2 PM EST

We are gearing up for the holiday in my house by putting up decorations and getting the house clean for holiday guests. Trying to keep the house clean with a little toddler running around is not the simplest thing. As I sit writing this, I bet there are at least 3 spills to be cleaned … Read more

How to Prepare your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is coming up and I am starting to prepare my home for visitors. I always start from the top down so that the last thing I do is vacuum and mop. I’m super lucky to have a guest room and bathroom that my guests can use.  Even with a dedicated space, preparing my … Read more

Guest Room Essentials

Guest Room Essentials for the side table in your guest room including a list of what to purchase to make your guests comfortable

22+ Fall DIY Decor Ideas

My house is really starting feel like fall. Outside, however, has not started to cool down yet. I am hoping this weekend will mark the cooling off period. I am ready to feel the weather that my home decor is emanating. I found a ton of amazing DIY Fall decor ideas for you to help … Read more

10 Moving Tips to Make Moving Easier

Moving can be a huge hassle, but with these helpful tips and printable will make life much easier. Here are 10 Moving Tips to Make Moving Easier.