Cute Mother’s Day Dresses & Outfits

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We love dressing up in mommy and me with our moms and daughters for Mother’s Day . These Mother’s Day Dresses and Outfits are sure to be winners for the big day.

Dressing up in Mommy and me matching outfits is one of our favorite bonding activities. We both love shopping and wearing cute dresses. Finding cute matching Mother’s Day outfits is an extra bonus.

Mommy and Me Mother’s Day Dresses

We love dressing up for every holiday! For me, there is no better Mother’s Day gift than wearing matching outfits with my daughter! Here are some fun ways to match mommy and me for Mother’s Day. 

Matching Mommy and Me Dresses 

Let’s start with a simple combination that you might already have your wardrobe! The colors for spring that can easily be match for mommy and me are pastel pink, baby blue, mint green, lilac, and white. Here are some awesome Mommy and Me SPRING Dresses

It is time to pull out all your pastel dresses and see what you can match with your daughter. It doesn’t have to be exact to make a great matching look. 

Mommy and me matching lilac

Gingham Print Dresses 

Nothing says Mother’s Day and Spring quite like gingham print!

There is just something about gingham dresses that just makes me happy! If I could wear spring Mother’s Day dresses, all year long, I would! Get more ideas on how to wear gingham outfits this spring here.

Mother's Day Dresses Mommy and Me Dresses

You can also find this cute matching set on Etsy. I love this stores selection of mommy and me matching looks. 

You can wear these super cute dresses to an at home tea party. Learn How to Host a Mother’s Day Tea Party here. You can make this brunch cake topped with strawberry and vanilla macarons.

Strawberry Macarons

If you are a baking novice or if you want to bake with your kids, try this strawberry vanilla poke cake made with box cake and Jello pudding.

Mother’s Day Dresses 

One of my favorite way to match mommy and me is with Lilly Pulitzer. They make tons of sizes from infant to women’s 14. There is even a specific section on the site that is for mommy and me matching. 

Lilly pulitzer swing dresses

Lilly Pulitzer always has so many awesome mommy and me prints. I recently wrote a blog post all about the Mommy and Me Lilly Pulitzer options. In the post, I delve into what dresses look good on which body types. 

I am always tempted to buy every print in a matching set with my daughter. Lilly Pulitzer mommy and me Mother’s Day dresses last forever and you can wear them all year in Florida.

Since they are so well made, you can easily pass your clothes down to family members or sell them online after your child grows out of them.

Mommy and Me Lilly Pulitzer

Get more ideas on how to wear Lilly Pulitzer from this post.

You can also find cute Mother’s Day dresses at Old Navy. They have awesome dresses that you can find for babies, toddlers, and little girls as well as Mother’s Day dresses for moms. I dove into all the different Old Navy Mommy and Me dresses here. 

old navy mommy and me

Since I’ve been shopping at Old Navy mommy and me selection, I have noticed that they usually have a lot of navy prints in mommy and me. It makes sense because the name of the store is Old “Navy” so they lean into it and find prints with Navy every season.

You can find matching mommy and me prints in a ton of find different options like Old Navy tops, Old Navy pants, Old Navy dresses, and Old Navy accessories like bags and scarves.

There is so much to choose from online. It is hard to find all the options in store. You don’t wanna go crazy like I do and end up with five pieces of clothing in the same print. When I choose my matching, I like to only get one piece for me and one piece for my daughter.

I made an exception recently this summer where there was a red lobster print. In this case, I bought a top for me and a dress for my daughter and a set of matching  bathing suits for both me and my daughter. The print was so stinking cute that I couldn’t help it.

Old Navy Mommy and Me Outfits

Mommy and Me Outfits Old Navy – Daughter Options 

You can find matching looks for your girls from baby, toddler to girls! They have a really great selection!

For babies, Old Navy makes one pieces (onesies), body suits, rompers, matching top and bloomer sets,  dresses, and even swimsuits. They have so many great options for families to match their new baby. 

For toddlers, the make cute dresses, shorts, leggings, and even tops. I went a little crazy on this palm tree print when my daughter was a toddler. I bought shorts, a tank top, leggings, and a dress all to match a jumpsuit and shirt that I got for myself. What can I say, I am a sucker for palm trees? 

Mother's Day Outfits

Mixing Spring Prints 

You can also mix spring prints for fun unique mommy and me Mother’s Day outfits. The pink gingham looks fantastic with this green floral print. 

Mother's Day Dresses for  Mommy and Me Outfits

SHOP Green Floral Mom Dress and Green Floral Daughter Skirt.

Mother’s Day Pajamas and Loungewear

Since we are mostly lounging around these day, you can also choose to wear some comfortable Mother’s Day pajamas or loungewear. Our favorite matching pajamas are from Hanna Anderson.

Mommy and Me Pajamas from Hanna Anderson

Usually, matching pajamas is left for the winter holidays like Christmas. Matching Christmas pajamas are everywhere these days! All I can say is – FINALLY!

Before matching holiday pajamas became a thing, my mom and I would hunt high and low in stores to find the few places that actually had matching pjs. These days you can find them in every big store during the holidays. Again – YAY! 

Finding pajamas that matching that aren’t Christmas pajamas is a little more difficult, but LUCKY for you, we have done the leg work! 

My favorite place to get matching mommy and me pajamas is from Hanna Anderson. The reason I love Hanna Anderson matching pajamas is that they have SOOO MANY options! 

Hanna Anderson pajamas are made to wear and wash, over and over then hand down. The pajamas are made of organic combed cotton rib knit with super-smooth flatlock seams! They are seriously the most comfortable pajamas I own! 

You can get Hanna Anderson matching pajamas for every holiday. That means Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and so many more.  You can also get seasonal matching pajamas like spring, summer, fall, and winter. Personally, I want ALL of them! 

Hanna Anderson also works with your favorite character brands like Disney, Peanuts, Marvel, Star Wars, DC Comics, and Dr. Seuss. They also have really cute classic stripe pajamas. 

Mommy and Me Spa Day

You can also have a mother daughter spa day with these tips on a Spa Day at Home to DeStress. We are wearing cute robes for out Mother’s Day Spa Day.

at home spa day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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